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Meet Our Founder & President

Mansour Kamel Mansour, PhD, IEEE, OSA, ATD

With over 35 years of global experience in the public and private sectors, Dr. Mansour K. Mansour founded Qurtuba Consulting Services in 2019. He has a passion to mentor younger generations and pass on to them his knowledge, expertise, and wisdom.


His skills include his ability to design as well as to implement policies and reform through strategic frameworks and stakeholder engagements as well as achieve strategic goals using innovative methodologies based on research, data, and industry trends. This includes curriculum design, quality assurance & continuous improvement, strategic foresight, learning & development, scientific research, results driven data analytics & strategies, analytical & investigative skills, aligning learning technologies with pedagogy, advanced computer networking & security, and agile project management.


Dr. Mansour is constantly in pursuit of innovative and exciting ways to integrate technology in the learning environment utilizing competency & scenario based learning environments, micro learning, gamification, agile principles, and social learning.