• Mansour K. Mansour, PhD

Guide to Sustained Collaboration

This quick post is based on an article titled "Cracking the Code of Sustained Collaboration", written by Professor Francesca Gino, and published in the November–December 2019 Issue of the Harvard Business Review. Professor Gino is a behavioral scientist and the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

She stated in her article "I’ve identified six training techniques that enable both leaders and employees to work well together, learn from one another, and overcome the psychological barriers that get in the way of doing both. They all help people connect more fully and consistently. They impress upon employees that there’s a time to listen and explore others’ ideas, a time to express their own, and a time to critique ideas and select the ones to pursue".

The following are the six techniques to help achieve sustained collaboration and as highlighted in the diagram below:

  1. Teach People to Listen, Not Talk

  2. Train People to Practice Empathy

  3. Make People More Comfortable with Feedback

  4. Teach People to Lead and Follow

  5. Speak with Clarity and Avoid Abstractions

  6. Train People to Have Win-Win Interactions

Professor Gino concludes her article with the following observations:

  • The six techniques are mutually supportive and interdependent

  • The techniques also create a positive dynamic leading to mutual respect

  • This dynamic must be set in motion by those in charge

  • Leaders can make creative, productive teamwork a way of life

In a nutshell, leaders play a pivotal role in driving the right culture of respect and collaboration leading their organizations to innovation and higher employee engagement.

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