• Mansour K. Mansour, PhD

The Future of the Workplace

The following blog is based on the podcast series titled "Future of X: The Workplace" produced and published by OZY in partnership with Smartsheet. In this series, "OZY fast-forwards 50 years to explore the industries and domains that will shape our world, and some of the dreamers doing the shaping."

"Fifty years from now, robots and AI are predicted to take over the workplace. But the variables that will always remain constant are human relationships and their achievements." This podcast series addresses the future of the workplace and demonstrates that the human connection will strengthen during the time of automation. Moreover, the greatest force the world has ever known — human achievement — will persist.

The purpose of this blog is to bring to my audience the five episodes of this very interesting podcast.

"Creative, tech-savvy, multidimensional. These are some of the traits that will be essential to navigating the workplace in the decades to come."

"Human beings intrinsically learn through play, says Keisha Howard, the CEO and founder of Sugar Gamers, a gaming platform focused on elevating new and diverse voices in gaming and tech."

"In the future, companies will move from headhunting to “team hunting.” Specialized teams will move from company to company and project to project. And the resulting interpersonal relationships that will build up as you and your teammates move across companies and projects as one will be key to not just job performance but also your overall health and well-being. "

"The infinite game of business is therefore one of constant improvement, and it’s a mindset that should filter down from the most influential CEOs to the unsung heroes in HR trying to build remarkable teams."

"The key to this, says Lisa Bodell, a futurist and the CEO of futurethink, is for us to ensure that technology helps us not just to do more things, but to do better things."

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